Astrology & Such pt .1

Interesting find: Aries Weaknesses; ARIES TRAITS
Weaknesses: Lack of patience, mood alterations, predisposition for quick loss of temper, impulsiveness, aggressiveness. … Aries belongs to fiery sings, as Leo and Sagittarius do. That’s why, these folks are so overly active and are always looking forward doing something.

Best for Marriage and Partnerships: Libra

– Now that is quite interesting. I’ve been with my partner for a whopping 11 years now, my partner is a Libra. It just so happens that my previous partner of 5-6 years, was a Leo. After reading more about the Sag, I can say I’m quite content not having had any long term relationships with one. I don’t think so anyways & I’m usually pretty on point with the astrology stuff.

Libra: They are very smart and wish to win. They find great inspiration in reading, intriguing debates and meeting unconventional folks.

Whilst researching Aries, if I didn’t know anything about Aries just yet, this website tells me first and foremost that;

a. My day of the week is Tuesday

b. My favorite color is Red

c. My spirit animal is a Cheetah ( perfect)

& d. My number is 9 ( never knew!)

“These dynamic individualities are on a constant search of the answers to private and metaphysical issues. That’s their greatest indication.”

Read more: Astrology.Care

Yep! That’s me, always searching for deeper answers. Always looking for more.

The deeper I crawl into the rabbit hole of Zodiac signs, the higher my desire to know more becomes.

Have you ever read your horoscope of the day, the week, the month, or even for the year, and as you read on, your thinking to yourself, ” WHOA, how do they know? How’d they do that? What Crystal Ball is this writer looking into to discover exactly who I am and how my life is going?”. How do they do that? I mean really, is it just through research? That is exactly what I’m doing here, right now, researching the Zodiac signs. From all this information I’m absorbing, at this point, I could probably write my own horoscopes for certain signs!! Right? I’m not sure about that, but it seems like it’d be a LOT of work, a LOT of dedication right there. Some people, rely solely on their daily horoscopes. To complete every day tasks, and more… like;

  • Deciding which numbers to play on the lottery
  • Deciding what color/s to wear, or to not wear that day
  • To see if they will indeed find love or not,
  • To find out if their partner is being faithful, or not,
  • To decide if they should even leave the house that day, or if they are in for some serious shit for the day, and should just stay inside.

People use horoscopes for everything. I’ve got a story, it’s actually quite embarrassing, but hey, F@$?! IT!!

I’ve always believed mostly in horoscopes, or at least in the backgrounds of the Zodiac signs, their meanings and such. I of course like most other American Girls my age at the time, had my daily horoscope delivered either to my email, texted to me, through an app, OR at least, checked daily in the newspapers/ magazines!! ESPECIALLY magazines!! Boy, in my day- there really weren’t all of these online surveys, or online ” relationship quiz” , we didn’t go to a computer to do that sort of thing. No, we bought magazines. Teen Magazine. People, Teen Beat, COSMO, Seventeen. Oh gosh, I would be the happiest little cheerleader in the WORLD when my magazine subscriptions would come in the mail, ( mailbox, not email) Or, while standing in line at the grocery store with my mother, I’d look to the coolest looking magazine nearby, skim through the pages, and if she’d buy it for me, ahhhhhh!!!! I’d just GLOW inside and out with happiness!!! Laying on my floor, flipping through the pages of a teen magazine was the highlight of preteen-agehood back then! The best part though? The end. The last few pages- maybe even the very last page. Actually no, there were usually a few good perks throughout the pages, before magazines became such less of a thrill. The magazines almost always smelt amazing , leaving anything touched, with the scent of the latest and most expensive perfume. Scented inserts. HAH! That my friends, was some genius marketing. I guess I should say is, rather than was, as I see that some magazines still do this!

   Check this out, this is a really cool read, it was at the top of my  search results I got on google while looking into the " fragrance strips / Scented inserts". It's an article from MARCH 27th, (ironically) 1988 called, " OVERPOWERING THE SCENT MARKET". Written by Andrew H. Malcolm.  I found it 

Anyways, So yeah , our quizzes, and horoscopes were usually towards the end, or at the end, of the magazines, and it was definitely the best part. Some of the quiz names were just as silly as the ones you’d find on Facebook today.

  • ” What’s your FLAVOR?
  • “Make Your Crush Love you”
  • ” Will you and your B.F.F always stay B.F.F’S?
  • “What does your dream mean?”
  • ” Find out what day of the week you should be on the lookout for love”

Oh yah! Those are some excellent throwbacks!!

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I’m telling you, I used to follow/read these quizzes, and horoscopes, religiously. They were a life- line, they had the answers I needed to succeed in life. hahaha I’m so serious. So here it is… the embarrassing part.

As I got older, my horoscopes got more mature, right along with me. I stopped following and reading them so religiously, I think I almost completely stopped opening the texts, the emails, I ignored it all because … “its fake.” Okay, so I have had this job, and one of my co-workers is SUPER into astrology. Like, she knew everything about every zodiac sign, she knew which days of the current week were “the best days”, all the stuff astrology, she knew. So she was constantly reading off our horoscopes, telling us which color we should not be wearing on which day, etc. No harm, no foul.

Until, my partner and I were having a bit of a tough stretch, well, looking back, I was having a bit of a tough stretch, and the gravitational pull from my emotions dragged everyone I loved right into the dark with me. I was pregnant at this time & had a toddler at home. I was insecure, huge, exhausted, overwhelmed, emotional, and just was feeling awful. I come into work around 3pm, after just having worked an overnight , and my dear co-worker is all in amiss, worried, concerned, it was all over her face. I sit at my desk, prepare myself for my 2nd overnight shift, and said co-worker walks over, places a folded newspaper on top of my keyboard, and says something along the lines of… ‘ Read this… don’t panic, but does this sound to you, at all familiar?’ I go on, and read my daily horoscope. I don’t remember exactly what is says, but this goes on for about a week. I read my horoscope daily, and each day I make myself more stressed over it. It kept bringing up a dream. A dream that an Aries had recently had, that was not smoke and mirrors, it was happening in real life. Now, here I am, probably 7-8 months pregnant, exhausted. Drained. Defeated. Troubled. Feeling SO insecure. Well, I had been dreaming often of my partner cheating. As well as some of those awful pregnancy dreams we all tend to have towards the end. It was such a bad feeling I can’t even describe. I actually believed the dream/s, the horoscopes, the crazies… I went off on my partner, it made everything so much worse. I dove deep into a rabbit hole of dream meanings, horoscopes, etc. This is all pseudoscience, and I let it tear me apart over a dream.

My dream was not true, my partner was not cheating, never had, never has, never would. It’s funny because his Zodiac sign says all about how loyal, honest, trustworthy, etc etc, he is.

So, my point is I guess, those things really can f@#$ with you!!

I found this nice piece here that explains how astrologers write daily horoscopes.

Daily horoscopes are written using the Moon because the Moon changes signs every 2 to 2-1/2 days, this in turn changes our moods and emotions from day to day, so naturally the Moon would affect on us a daily basis, so using the Moon to write daily horoscopes makes sense.


I think it’s fair to say, I do slightly believe in zodiac signs, meanings, etc – HOWEVER, I don’t delve deep into the horoscope part. Not at all anymore. I can’t even tell you the last time I actually read my horoscope, but I do like to read about my sign. I love learning about the shifts of planets, retrogrades, how it effects our moods, cycles, relations, etc. I’m a strong believer, I just can’t with horoscopes. I just CAN, and DO, with signs though.

The next part of this will be solely dedicated to the zodiac signs. I promise, I won’t bounce your brain all over the place like mine! :]