I’m sprung…

I’m sprung…
Tryna catfish…
By: Vasacheee vasacheee
I’m sprung…
It’s How ya get me..
Got me doin things I’d neva do
Admit it man you know it’s true
Im sprung..
Tryna catfish…
Got me on Facebook makin new names
I got an app to trick you babe
I do… I do… I dooo do do doooo- yeaa

I’m sprung…
Out to get you
I got different names and different tags I warned you I’m not the one babe #imnottheonebabe
I’m sprung…
Tryna trick you
Tell you meet me at our favorite place
But knowin you can’t see my face -
I hide-/- I hide -/-/ I hide do do do doooo
He got me makin a tinder…
Turning me into a real sinner
I’m actin like I’m really really crazy
Whatchu think ya know about me baby?
Got me cuttin off my main D 🍆
Even all of the ones that pay me -
And that even the main problem
I’m tryna reach out to you to solve them -
Man you think you don’t deserve this shit-
But til you learn I ain’t tryna quit -
Why you tryna get away from me??
So now I’m speeding quickly ,
Before you try n Jip me
N bet you ass your bitch is comin wit meeee