The ‘no’ memories …

Ever think of a memory… and while your thinking of it…. Your thinking, or saying out loud …, “ no, no, noopee…” ?

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It can’t only be me.

Are those the bad memories?? The ones our brains want us to forget altogether. The ones we do usually end up forgetting altogether .

It’s like, even though it’s running through my head, maybe even … call it a flashback…. I do not want to think about it now or ever again.

I never really thought of it that way.

But thank you brain, for healing my heart ❣️

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    A thought for the day that I’m struggling with, that I’ve never looked at afar, from FmomB.. xO.


    To whom this may concern,

    Hello! I hope you were awoken by a beautiful insert season here , ( in my case autumn) day this morning😊 and that wherever this letter finds you, may you be well! I think you know my name and all that, so we can skip the formalities!! For the sake of purpose.

    My purpose in writing to you tonight, is to make a few things clear and get a few crooked things straight!

    First and foremost, I am not new.

    Maybe that is the most relevant problem with our ‘situation’, maybe it’s the least. I don’t know.

    I’m skipping a beat to take a beat and ease into this, but there is no way to really do that besides worming around, the Ins and outs. It doesn’t even matter today. No, not this time. This time was, in every single and possible way – different. This time I didn’t even know what just happened . it was a flash. A bomb.

    Your a bomb. A tornado . A hurricane without a warning .

    You make me talk to fast, and I second, third & even fourth guess every single word out of my mouth when I’m near you.

    Your soul will be forever in debt to me for using the fuck outta me. And you did make a promise and you lied. Lied manipulated… drained. As if my life isn’t enough.

    As if I don’t have my own shit. I’ll remember. My soul.. will remember.


    They became far to close, far to quickly. Neither of them saw or felt coming what was unraveling between the 2 of them, until it was too late to go back. Little did they know, the coming of revelations would be a faux pas , neither of them would ever forget.


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