To whom this may concern, Hello! I hope you were awoken by a beautiful insert season here , ( in my case autumn) day this morning😊 and that wherever this letter finds you, may you be well! I think you know my name and all that, so we can skip the formalities!! For the sake …

My Everyday challenges

Things that should come easy, should be easy enough, that aren’t. That don’t. Mental health? Self care? I forgot the importance. Sometimes , a lot of times… i feel super useless at staying home.I cannot simply sit and play or run around playing pretend with my child all day, or I won’t get anything done …

An introduction of why I’m here.

A story of a women who was put through hell by the system. Another family the system was failing.

Flashbacks and more getting off track…

I am all over the place here- I had a point but I lost it . So follow along with me as I pick my brain..

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