How do you get children to enjoy, LOVE, or heck, even just LIKE, brushing their teeth?

I’ve Been all over the internet trying to find ways to excite my toddler, well, all of my children really, to brush their teeth!!!

My youngest turned 4 on 2/21 – she HATES brushing her teeth, I don’t know if it’s the act itself, or, if shes just lazy. I think it’s the latter, because she doesn’t always mind it in the morning, even at night sometimes she doesn’t mind. It’s really just getting her in the bathroom to do it that is the issue/ struggle. Once she or I start brushing them, shes usually fine.

Check this. Yep. Judge me. I did this.

One night last week, as all the kids took turns brushing their teeth, I called on Lu, only to find that she was in her P.J’S , all tucked in, ( In MY bed), and claiming how she was just way too tiered to even move.



So her dad came in, and told her he would help her, blah blah blah, etc etc. I know how this goes. It’s all too familiar. I had a headache and just did not want to go through this, again. What is this I speak of? Let me tell you. It’s, the screaming, the tears, the kicking, the crying, the screaming, the shrieking, the whole neighborhood probably thinking someone is being held captive against their will and being tortured. I was too tiered myself.

So I nicely asked her if she would let me brush her teeth right here, right now. She pleasantly agreed.

So yes, I got her toothbrush, put a strip of toothpaste on the bristles, grabbed 2 cups, a bottle of water & mouth wash, and I proceeded to my bedroom, to brush my 3 year olds teeth.


She loved it. It was fine. Whatever. Spoiled children. I know. i KNOW.

Since that night, she has not let me do it that way again. She has however been brushing/ letting us brush, with minimal struggle, but its very wishy-washy, I never know whether shes going to want to or not. I’ve tried everything. Her siblings helping, making it fun, making it a game, being forceful, not being forceful, ugh, I don’t know. We will get through it somehow or another I’m sure of it.

So how about you? Have you had/ do you have, a child who completely detests brushing their teeth? Who just WON’T do it sometimes? Most times? What did you do to help them?

Share your stories here with us/me PLEASE!! 🙂

Am I alone? Is my child the only child who hates brushing their teeth? Is my child going to be toothless before she even goes to prom? I’m joking- but really though. Tell me I’m not alone?

Photo by Shiny Diamond on Pexels.com