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Is it Safe?

Everyone wants to know, is it safe? Vaccines, shots, medicines, pills, etc. Everyone wants to know. So how come when an addict asks, is it safe, do non-addicts question their sensibility? Because addicts, who have been addicted to street drugs were willing to, not only administer an ” I.V”, on their own, but an I.V …

So I started watching the newly released Netflix series “Brand New Cherry Flavor” last night. Did anyone binge watch it already?? Anyone watching it yet? Had you heard of it? – Yeah??? No??? I didn’t think so either. It sounded wicked interesting, like something I could totally get right into, and not have to watch, …

Pain and Discomfort

Mostly a woman’s type of read – but only due to the TMI factors – You don’t ever truly know pain and discomfort until you actually face true pain and discomfort. Pain and discomfort that is nearly impossible to pin point on/ in the body. Pain and discomfort that makes you feel so wrong, like …

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