Children’s Museum of Greater Fall River – Fall River, Massachusetts 02720

Children’s Museum of Greater Fall River – Fall
River, Massachusetts 02720

We started by entering the first exhibit; Violets Music Room!! 🎶🎼

It was SO much fun, but it was SOOO loud!!

The kids really enjoyed playing on the keyboard & playing pretend with the ice cream stand ( of course the one we have at home is never used – probably because there’s just too many options 🤷‍♀️)


The Space station Exhibit was pretty Stellar!!!! The colors and all the opportunities the kids have to “control” the “space craft” – aka the lighting in the room – OUT OF THIS WORLD!!

Oh my goodness. This thing, the SUCTION TUBES- was SO COOL!!! It reminded me of when I would go to the bank drive through, put my slip in the machine& watch it get sucked into space!! ( well into the bank anyways ) –

There are arrows you can point in different directions to make the soft- balls go through and come out of different tubes! So cool, yet SO confusing!! I had NO clue how, nor could any of us figure out how; to make the soft ball come out from the very top tube…. which I guess I didn’t get a great pic of.. whoops

Dino Exhibit room!! Rockinnn!!! This room was pretty great!! With a rock half the tsize of the room, a dig pit for Fossils, and a flipped over Jeep Cherokee – This room was definitely a top Favorite of my 5 year old daughters 🙂


This room was upstairs. You’d have to walk through the Space Station to get to it, and there are 2 bathrooms on either side of this room. We didn’t play in here as it was probably the warmest room in the place – But I had to get a picture of these Super cool XL Jumbo Blocks!! They’ve got holes in them, places to connect blocks.. You can build a “vehicle” or a fort, really whatever you can imagine up!! – I later learned that they call this Exhibit the, “Big Blue Block Area”, works well doesn’t it?

ah, here it is! The Jeep and the Fossil Dig Pit!! Pretty Neat- Oh eyy?!

I had to share this video as this was my absolute FAVORITE part of our visit to the Greater Fall River Children’s Museum!! The game floor, tiles, projector , eye games thinga- ma-bobber room!! Looking down at the floor tiles, you’d see a game screen as if you were playing on your phone, but instead of squashing the bugs with your thumbs, you use your body, and actually step/jump on them!!!

My 8-year-olds first reaction was… “ MOM I WANT ONE FOR MY FLOOR!!!” 🤣. Me too kid, me too!!

Aside from this game floor tile room – there was one other room that was definitely a favorite of mine, the “Doctor” room.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any pics or videos of the Doctor Room, ( my phones storage is completely and utterly full- so I couldn’t ) but i did get a quick little video on my sons phone and once I clear this phone up, I’ll add the video to this post!

There was a life sized version of the hasbro game “ Operation” and it was AWESOME!!

Now to be clear – this Children’s Museum is no “ Boston Children’s Museum”, but the parking is great – it’s easily accessible ( especially if you have a car), it’s FUN for kids ( 9 and under id day), it’s something to do, there’s activities there, an outdoor musical playground, indoor “playgrounds” aka exhibits !! It is a nice day trip that’ll take up about 2-3 hours of your day, if you take your time and enjoy each exhibit.

There are 8 downstairs exhibits & 5 upstairs exhibits.

They also offer a multi purpose room for birthday parties and group events!


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