This is what I’d say…

I’d tell you to love everybody – without giving your love to everybody.

Just because he says he loves you, doesn’t mean you have to love him too.

I’d tell you that it’s okay to get lost in the eyes of a boy, even in their arms sometimes. It’s okay, but don’t be so afraid.

I’d tell you that there’s a difference between omitting and lying.

I’d tell you not to lie. And not just because mother said . But because you will live with your lies forever.

I’d tell you treating others the way you want to be treated is not said just for kids. It’s not a nursery rhyme, or even a little fib. It’s literally the way you have to live.

I’d tell you that saying NO won’t matter much to them, but saying YES could mean the difference in your life.

And that most things won’t make sense.

I’d whisper these things into your ear while you sleep. Then I’d wait another week. If I thought you’d believe me, then I’d come to your face- and speak..

Dear old me, please treat me well. I don’t want to grow up to be someone who likes to yell. also, I really don’t wanna go to hell. Please do good things, and put good into the world – and do not be mean to other little girls – Cherish this world, as it is all yours – Go across country, go out on Tour. To be a leader and not to follow – and always give back the stuff that your borrow . Do whatever makes you happy, it’s never to late and it’s never to sappy. Keep up with old friends, and always tie your loose ends – Smile because you want to, Laugh because you can – One day this will all come to an end. Read the letters I wrote to you, and make the decisions that to you, feel only True. xO. CM.

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