My Women’s Health Movement for 2022

I’m starting a movement.

A non-self-righteous-but-still-righteous movement for women. Very, very, but yet not so much only – forWomen.

As I type this, I’m realizing that – men can have this as a diagnosis as well. Well that’s pretty shocking , would you agree?

I’d say. But anywho… this post is gonna introduce you l ll ll llll to, [ maybe some of you have heard of or met before today] – a Great Enemy to women, known as Prolapse.

Prolapse is the Bodies Ultimate Great Enemy. Prolapse’s of / regarding the Pelvic Floor Should be a Great Fear to you too, especially if your a woman who plans to bare your fruit and multiply…. I’ll check back on that one –

This is something that nobody is careful of or at least not openly. Nobody is openly looking for. This isn’t something we talk about or even know to check for.

It’s to quite a different degree for a man. I mean, had someone warned you of these things… maybe checked & mentioned it during your annual pap- not saying you wouldn’t want to or that you wouldn’t have kids, but maybe you’d stop when the Dr. First Notices a “mild” or “beginning to” Prolapse of xxx organ”. Maybe you’d be precautious enough, or will do more preventative type and proactive things such as, changing your diet, absolutely not straining during bowel movements, you could learn proper breathing and do breath work and such. Maybe you’ll actually go to the Birth & Labor classes before giving birth…. Even just if it’s not your first baby .

Proverbs 21:21 tells us: “Whoever pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honor

It’s what they tell us.. multiply… create new life… create the future leaders of tomorrow …

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Well, while doing so- be sure to do lots of kegels- and do them the right way.

Did you know that they have physical therapy for the Pelvic Floor? I didn’t either. Well, they suggest a woman lie on her back, placing one hand on her lower abs & the other using 2 fingers, inserted into your vagina…. “ Now SQUEEZE!!” , to make sure that we’re doing it right…. But otherwise, they do it for you, you only do the squeeezing part…. They measure while your lying, measure while your standing & measure while you cough.

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Even at the Urogynocologist ( yes they exist) – there’s a lot of measuring done, to gauge tve level/stage of the prolapsed organ.

The feeling is heavy… you may feel as though it’s that time of the month, and maybe it is, too but no.

Some people don’t and wouldn’t know what to expect. What to look for. And they need to know. This needs to be talked about, taught.

In school, and even as young adults , even some adults… we struggle to say the words vagina, and penis. We giggle, laugh, look around at each other to gauge the response…. It’s not taken seriously. It needs to be.

Something has got to give.

Women’s health, mental health, pelvic floor health, PMDD, pms- Men’s health…. It’s all got to be looked at under a microscope and taught just the same.

It’s time to break out. Break free of stigmas. Giggles, laughter, shame, judgement…, it’s been stopping us for years.

This is a confidence killer.

This is something that can break you down, make you feel weak. Vulnerable. This could break apart your self esteem and confidence and shatter your spirit.

This is something that changes you to your core. Let’s close Talk about it.

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