It’s okay to have cereal for dinner💭…again 🤷‍♀️

When the kiddos are coming off a 2 week EACH bout of the flu… (kidding about each, it’s been like… 5 weeks of this 😩🤦🏼‍♀️) it’s okay to have cereal for dinner. Even more than one night in a row. Even more than once a day, is okay.

When you’ve had dance classes, dance pictures, dance recital’s and rehearsals, baseball practices and baseball games, softball practices and softball games, doctor and dentist appointments, work, school, and any other extracurricular activity or normal part of everyday life- every day and night for what feels like the better half of 3, 6, 12 months…. Its okay to have cereal for dinner. For breakfast , for lunch and for dinner. It’s okay for your kids to have cereal for dinner a couple nights in a row.

It’s okay if your kids had cereal for breakfast this morning and tonight there’s nothing too “dinner-y” to cook, and you just don’t have a grocery run in you … it’s okay to have cereal for dinner too.

When you’ve worked a double, came home to get the kids off the bus/ home from school, get homework and any chores done ( a routine that I seemed to have left behind in my ‘before quarantining days’) , cleaned the house while having to make dinner… burnt whatever shmorgageboard of food you’d decided to toss on the pan…. And now have a burnt supper to serve that no one will eat and a sink full of dirty dishes, pots & pans to scour- it’s okay to have cereal again. . .

Just make sure the milk is not sour.

I’d like to add a line personalized to you all. Write when and why you think it’d be okay to eat cereal for dinner …. Not just the because idgaf kinda nights, because those surely exist as well.

Comment the kind of day/night that’d excuse another night of cereal for dinner…. Share your thoughts!! Together let’s build a story from us ❤️🙏

If you cannot comment , I’m working on it!!! Respond to me however you can for now until I get it fixed & I’ll still be sure to add your part to the post , story 💋

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  1. I am a big fan of having breakfast items for lunch or dinner, so I am all for cereal for dinner. Sometimes we are not hungry for a full protein meal, but still need something before bed – cereal works great! (and if it’s sweet, you get dessert with your dinner!)

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