My Women’s Health Movement for 2022

I’m starting a movement.

A non-self-righteous-but-still-righteous movement for women. Very, very, but yet not so much only – forWomen.

As I type this, I’m realizing that – men can have this as a diagnosis as well. Well that’s pretty shocking , would you agree?

I’d say. But anywho… this post is gonna introduce you l ll ll llll to, [ maybe some of you have heard of or met before today] – a Great Enemy to women, known as Prolapse.

Prolapse is the Bodies Ultimate Great Enemy. Prolapse’s of / regarding the Pelvic Floor Should be a Great Fear to you too, especially if your a woman who plans to bare your fruit and multiply…. I’ll check back on that one –

This is something that nobody is careful of or at least not openly. Nobody is openly looking for. This isn’t something we talk about or even know to check for.

It’s to quite a different degree for a man. I mean, had someone warned you of these things… maybe checked & mentioned it during your annual pap- not saying you wouldn’t want to or that you wouldn’t have kids, but maybe you’d stop when the Dr. First Notices a “mild” or “beginning to” Prolapse of xxx organ”. Maybe you’d be precautious enough, or will do more preventative type and proactive things such as, changing your diet, absolutely not straining during bowel movements, you could learn proper breathing and do breath work and such. Maybe you’ll actually go to the Birth & Labor classes before giving birth…. Even just if it’s not your first baby .

Proverbs 21:21 tells us: “Whoever pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honor

It’s what they tell us.. multiply… create new life… create the future leaders of tomorrow …

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Well, while doing so- be sure to do lots of kegels- and do them the right way.

Did you know that they have physical therapy for the Pelvic Floor? I didn’t either. Well, they suggest a woman lie on her back, placing one hand on her lower abs & the other using 2 fingers, inserted into your vagina…. “ Now SQUEEZE!!” , to make sure that we’re doing it right…. But otherwise, they do it for you, you only do the squeeezing part…. They measure while your lying, measure while your standing & measure while you cough.

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Even at the Urogynocologist ( yes they exist) – there’s a lot of measuring done, to gauge tve level/stage of the prolapsed organ.

The feeling is heavy… you may feel as though it’s that time of the month, and maybe it is, too but no.

Some people don’t and wouldn’t know what to expect. What to look for. And they need to know. This needs to be talked about, taught.

In school, and even as young adults , even some adults… we struggle to say the words vagina, and penis. We giggle, laugh, look around at each other to gauge the response…. It’s not taken seriously. It needs to be.

Something has got to give.

Women’s health, mental health, pelvic floor health, PMDD, pms- Men’s health…. It’s all got to be looked at under a microscope and taught just the same.

It’s time to break out. Break free of stigmas. Giggles, laughter, shame, judgement…, it’s been stopping us for years.

This is a confidence killer.

This is something that can break you down, make you feel weak. Vulnerable. This could break apart your self esteem and confidence and shatter your spirit.

This is something that changes you to your core. Let’s close Talk about it.

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Running Up That Hill…

When you realize that you’ve been smoking for more than half of your life…. The feelings of disappointment, disgust, failure & mostly… Fear… are paralyzing…. It’s too hard to sit in those thoughts.

When you take that first deep inhale, and realize that you reach a point of fullness FAR too soon… the fear is just suffocating.

When you close your eyes and picture raisins in place of lungs…. A long drawn out, painful, too soon death & a family grieving their rock, their mom….. it should be enough.

It should all be enough… so why isn’t it??

Trying to Quit smoking is hard enough… raising a family is hard enough….

Working on yourself … trying to be a better person in every way- every single day , after being a certain way for so long…. Old habits die hard.

Trying to quit bad habits is hard.

Trying to break any habits , is hard.

I began this Journey 4 days ago. 6.21.22. (but whose counting?) If that day had no significance to me already, maybe I wouldn’t have continued on. If I had not seen or felt some type of thing, some shift in my world, in my very own body, as I drove home that night… maybe my thinking would be clearer.

As I struggled to put on the Patch- I told myself I was quitting smoking, Period. I wasn’t going to fall into the fad of E cigs & Vapes again. Heck, if I’m going to smoke, I’m going to smoke a long, tasty, menthol, Newport 100. Something that I unfortunately ENJOYED smoking. This wasn’t my first rodeo, but I do hope it can be my last.

The night before I couldn’t fall and stay asleep. I was having nightmares and instead of going back to them, I sat awake over and over-thinking them.

That was when it was decided.

I threw my legs over the side of my bed and pulled myself up, sitting staring, thinking.

I got up, grabbed and opened a patch, and slapped that baby on my shoulder. This could be it. This could really be it. This should really be it. The end of an era. The beginning of a new, happy life full of lots of calming, medatative, long, deep breaths.

Anyone who says it’s easy to quit smoking, may need to be re-humbled. Although, maybe there are some people whose bodies just do not become physically dependant to anything. Maybe there are people who do not become mentally addicted, to anything at all. Maybe its an unknown medical condition. Being unable to become dependant. Unable to be addicted to one anything. If it were, that would be a disorder I could get with.

I, on the other hand, have what they call an ‘ Addictive Personality’.

In the recent years I’ve been told what I have is a medical “Disorder”. Addictive personality Disorder. In the not so recent years, when I was burying myself in my addictions as deep as I possibly could, no one called it a disorder. It was more of a problem, a burden not only to myself, but to the people around me, and it was treated as such. Figure that🤔


I’m on this Journey. I keep pushing forward, trying to do better. Be better. I’m struggling…. There are Farr to many options and alternatives out there. My brain is overstimulated. Between the patch, Nicorette & modern day vapes. Cold Turkey just won’t do this time. . .

What are your thoughts? Are you a former Smoker? A Quitter?

Do you believe in bandaids? Weaning?Vaping ? Nicotine Gum or Patches? Or are you cold stone Cold Turkey ??

Let us know your thoughts, stories & opinions! Share in the comments

It’s okay to have cereal for dinner💭…again 🤷‍♀️

When the kiddos are coming off a 2 week EACH bout of the flu… (kidding about each, it’s been like… 5 weeks of this 😩🤦🏼‍♀️) it’s okay to have cereal for dinner. Even more than one night in a row. Even more than once a day, is okay.

When you’ve had dance classes, dance pictures, dance recital’s and rehearsals, baseball practices and baseball games, softball practices and softball games, doctor and dentist appointments, work, school, and any other extracurricular activity or normal part of everyday life- every day and night for what feels like the better half of 3, 6, 12 months…. Its okay to have cereal for dinner. For breakfast , for lunch and for dinner. It’s okay for your kids to have cereal for dinner a couple nights in a row.

It’s okay if your kids had cereal for breakfast this morning and tonight there’s nothing too “dinner-y” to cook, and you just don’t have a grocery run in you … it’s okay to have cereal for dinner too.

When you’ve worked a double, came home to get the kids off the bus/ home from school, get homework and any chores done ( a routine that I seemed to have left behind in my ‘before quarantining days’) , cleaned the house while having to make dinner… burnt whatever shmorgageboard of food you’d decided to toss on the pan…. And now have a burnt supper to serve that no one will eat and a sink full of dirty dishes, pots & pans to scour- it’s okay to have cereal again. . .

Just make sure the milk is not sour.

I’d like to add a line personalized to you all. Write when and why you think it’d be okay to eat cereal for dinner …. Not just the because idgaf kinda nights, because those surely exist as well.

Comment the kind of day/night that’d excuse another night of cereal for dinner…. Share your thoughts!! Together let’s build a story from us ❤️🙏

If you cannot comment , I’m working on it!!! Respond to me however you can for now until I get it fixed & I’ll still be sure to add your part to the post , story 💋