My Maine Coon Cat bit me …

Written By: c.mck
⚠️⚠️⚠️ TRIGGER WARNING ‼️‼️⚠️⚠️⚠️
There are SEVERAL GRAPHIC IMAGES- taken solely to create a timeline of my progress!!! If you are easily disgusted, squeamish / cannot look at medical but gross images, please do not scroll on 😊

Back in September 2021, the 15th to be exact – my 4 year old super fluffy , allergy inducing on everyone [ including ppl not allergic to cats👋🏻] half Maine Coon cat, ‘Spike’, needed a trim. Let’s be honest; he needed some work done, as he despises to be brushed. So at it I went with a pair of clippers in one hand, scissors in the others. [ he had quite a few clumps of matted fur, I had to be prepared]

Sir Spike mckNeeds atop his throne

At it I went for about 10-15 minutes, satisfying clump, after satisfying clump. He was good, he was great .

Until it came time to be rinsed off…

His whole body tensed. I was so gentle & easy… I also thought I had control of the twenty something pound+ cat that I was rinsing.

Well, I didn’t.

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