Birthday Party Itinerary help

Silly me. I made and sent out our, “annual Halloween / Double birthday party invitations”, without ever double checking them, and without a birthday party itinerary!!

Here is where ya’ll come in to help! :] –

I unfortunately wrote the time as “2pm-7pm”… see what I did there? My intentions were to have our party be from 3p-6p, but then I thought about daylight. We want darkness for at least a portion of the party! – Here lies my problem, I wrote that the party starts at 2pm.

People, and their children are going to show up at 2pm.

I need plans!! I need a way to better organize this day!!!

This Day is this Saturday.

I always make it work, but I think this time, I’m in need of some assistance.

The ages range from 3 year olds to 13 year olds, tons of in between.

That is a lot. A lot of different people to accommodate.

But this isn’t just your average, “Annual Halloween Party”. No not just that, but a Birthday Party for a little Girl turning 8, and a young man turning 10. DOUBLE. DIGITS.!!!!!

I have an eyeball Pinata for the kids to go haamm on.. of course the string broke the day we filled it.

I do have some games and activities for the kids such as;

Bucket of guts where kids retrieve items from gross noodles- Winner will be whoever collects the most in allotted time.

Monster Mash Musical Chairs

Pumpkin Bowling; After they bowl, they can decorate the pumpkins

Mummy Game w/ toilet paper rolls & teams .. ( this couldn’t happen the last birthday party due to TP outage! *eye roll*)

Ring Toss with a witch hat ( aka the orange cones my older child and her friend “found in a dumpster” …) – Way to go kiddo! Catching up!! Used my love for dumpster diving against me lol!

So, as you can see, I’ve got a lot to do this coming Saturday. I’ve got a lot to do.

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