Back up off me

I think she is going to kill me. Her or him.. I do not know anymore. I don’t even know the difference between the 2 of them anymore unless we are face to face, which does not ever happen anymore. They are keyboard warriors.

I do not even F@#$ with them. They have to stay f@#$ing with me though. Always. Randomly. They pop up.

I hear footsteps, crunching in the solid, hardened, snow. Do they not realize that I can hear? The only other sounds to be heard was my wind chimes. Lots, and lots of beautiful, whimsical, wind chimes.

A neighbor comes out for her bedtime smoke. The door creaks, she coughs, the footsteps go silent, but still, there is something, someone, wrestling in and with the bushes.

The neighbor to the left pulls up into their driveway, loudest car ever. Headlights shining directly into the restless bushes.

Someone is over there. Someone is listening, well, watching. Waiting.

I stay put for as long as my soft, sensitive skin will allow in this type of weather. I am right here.

Two of the cameras have picked up slight movement, with some noises, voices, what are they saying? What do they want from me?

I get a notification, a facebook messenger kind. It’s them. His facebook, but I cannot determine which one of them it is hiding behind their phones, their texts, talk to texts that make no sense at all, their her illiterate writing skills. I think its her. It has to be her. She is very insecure.

That is why the messages I’m receiving are vicious , mean, down right hateful and nasty. It’s her.

She is watching closely…. yet says I am the one looking for their chaos. No, no… I am not seeking your bullshit, however – I am aware.

I am very aware. I am sure to know, whatever I need to know. I will not act. I will wait.

Waiting is what I’ve been doing. Watching, waiting. A year of wasted energy and time… actually, 2 years now? Wow. What a waste.

I wish they would do well. I wish they would get right. I wish they would leave me alone. I’d do anything to get that poor man away from that demon of a woman. She is crack. Her life is that exactly.

His never was. Shes got to go.

Not my business anymore, just sad. Regardless, leave me alone. I am an adult. A grown women who wakes up every single morning to raise a family. Something she is not familiar with. I think to her, responsibility, life, etc… is just a figment of imagination. She does not believe people can be normal.

That’s fine. Live and Let Live, RIGHT?

I may be a mother, an adult, a women, but I will do whatever it takes to protect myself and my family.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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