I want to rename my “from home company”. Currently I call it, ” For Cups Sakes”. Get it?

Well I don’t do JUST cups. I do shirts, bags, socks, I make beautiful glitter covered tumblrs , keychains, stickers, wall and window decals, outdoor decals, such as on a car, a business logo, I have my own designs I’ve created for bumpers. I do not like to use Vinyl, and when I do, I ONLY like/ prefer to use HTV. I mainly use a technique that I had only recently learned about, somehow.. I’m sure, if you’ve gotten yourself to this page, than I’m sure you’ve heard of, it’s called Sublimation. Its amazing.


For cups sakes..? like, a censored version of for fucks sakes? Because, that, is just how I roll. So I started mix matching words, here’s what I got..

‘ I don’t give a shirt’

‘ what is this shirt?@! ? ‘

I noted a few names from Greek Mythology that’s definition’s really spoke to me… I really like the idea of having a goddess name represent me and my stuff, even if it doesn’t have much to do with said specific goddess.

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