My Maine Coon Cat bit me …

Written By: c.mck
⚠️⚠️⚠️ TRIGGER WARNING ‼️‼️⚠️⚠️⚠️
There are SEVERAL GRAPHIC IMAGES- taken solely to create a timeline of my progress!!! If you are easily disgusted, squeamish / cannot look at medical but gross images, please do not scroll on 😊

Back in September 2021, the 15th to be exact – my 4 year old super fluffy , allergy inducing on everyone [ including ppl not allergic to cats👋🏻] half Maine Coon cat, ‘Spike’, needed a trim. Let’s be honest; he needed some work done, as he despises to be brushed. So at it I went with a pair of clippers in one hand, scissors in the others. [ he had quite a few clumps of matted fur, I had to be prepared]

Sir Spike mckNeeds atop his throne

At it I went for about 10-15 minutes, satisfying clump, after satisfying clump. He was good, he was great .

Until it came time to be rinsed off…

His whole body tensed. I was so gentle & easy… I also thought I had control of the twenty something pound+ cat that I was rinsing.

Well, I didn’t.

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Where In the world is Aunt Jemima ?!

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: What happened to Aunt Jemima ?

an irreplaceable feeling

It’s something about our touch.. our sounds, our stillness & sense …

My children have all had a period of time where they slept next to me, and they had to be touching me. In some way or another; They could be on the other side of the bed, yet their tiny foot/feet were making contact with me.

My littles one moves around in her sleep when she feels or hears me near & doesn’t stop moving til she’s making contact with me.

My heart beat .

This must be why they said skin to skin…

These babies grew inside of us. You literally cannot get any closer to us, to our hearts, than the children you birthed. Not taking away from anyone else in any way – just giving my perspective.

They want to hear our heart beating, feel our hearts beating. There’s a comfort in that, that some just cannot go without.

To me, it’s important.

To me, I have to cherish it.

It won’t be this way forever – I keep reminding myself this. I keep reminding patI keep saying it outloud but I still have to remind myself,, I still forget.

These babies aren’t babies forever, so I believe in closeness. I believe in cuddling, hugs, goodnight kisses, bed sharing & I believe in giving into it.

Maybe it can be a lot … but it isn’t forever.

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Something they never tell you is:

How many times have I heard, read, or seen the words;

‘ something they never tell you’ ‘something they never told you is…”

I cannot even tell you how many times I’ve heard that at this point.

Butttt this one, this one – nobody tells you.

Nobody even knows it, until they know it.

It’s not like a class was taught on “the things they’ll never tell you”

But that’s because you truly don’t know it, until you truly know it.

A mornings first thought

What if a soul mate isn’t the person you first fell in love with, but the first person who fell in love with you?

What if we’ve been looking at it wrong all along?

Who would your soulmate be?

Do you even remember? Or did you ever even know? Who keeps track? Or is there no track at all?


CcccccccM. I’

Very much like you, I’m stubborn. Maybe we’re stubborn in different ways. Either way.

I thought of you tonight. It was the first time in a long time that ive thought of you. I even searched your name on messenger,nothing recent.

For all I know , those messages go back 10-15 years… maybe I’d smile? Maybe I’d cry?

Idk. I don’t even want to.

Know, that is.

Can I start over, by saying how grateful I am that your alive??

Maybe I’m a hypocrite. But never in bad form or intentionally. I love you.

You’re a piece to my puzzle. Actually, a missing piece. How it’s been so long just doesn’t even make sense to me.

We were best friends for years

My longest friend.

I wish you were here to see, and hear SO MANY THINGS .

I love you. I miss you col.

Our babies have grown, my kids aren’t any longer Tiny infants and toddlers. We are no longer each other’s best friends.

And it’s my fault for being so weak.

I’m sorry that I was unsure of who to really trust with what just yet.*

I’m sorry you were backed into a corner.

I’m sorry that you blame me.

Overall I’m just so sorry for not being who you needed me to be, the best friend you needed in me.

I hope you are on top of the world with those boys.

Girls- both of you . I love and miss y’all more than I could show ❤️

ALL my love, and BEST wishes. From a blog you may never see . xoxo

Truly yours,


***That my friends alone is a lesson – every person you trust – can and should ONLY be trusted with the type of ishhh they can be trusted with – otherwise- you literally cannot trust them. One per genera .

The kids double Halloween Birthday Party

I did it! It’s over … we got through it – I survived the panic

Birthday Party Itinerary help

Silly me. I made and sent out our, “annual Halloween / Double birthday party invitations”, without ever double checking them, and without a birthday party itinerary!!

Here is where ya’ll come in to help! :] –

I unfortunately wrote the time as “2pm-7pm”… see what I did there? My intentions were to have our party be from 3p-6p, but then I thought about daylight. We want darkness for at least a portion of the party! – Here lies my problem, I wrote that the party starts at 2pm.

People, and their children are going to show up at 2pm.

I need plans!! I need a way to better organize this day!!!

This Day is this Saturday.

I always make it work, but I think this time, I’m in need of some assistance.

The ages range from 3 year olds to 13 year olds, tons of in between.

That is a lot. A lot of different people to accommodate.

But this isn’t just your average, “Annual Halloween Party”. No not just that, but a Birthday Party for a little Girl turning 8, and a young man turning 10. DOUBLE. DIGITS.!!!!!

I have an eyeball Pinata for the kids to go haamm on.. of course the string broke the day we filled it.

I do have some games and activities for the kids such as;

Bucket of guts where kids retrieve items from gross noodles- Winner will be whoever collects the most in allotted time.

Monster Mash Musical Chairs

Pumpkin Bowling; After they bowl, they can decorate the pumpkins

Mummy Game w/ toilet paper rolls & teams .. ( this couldn’t happen the last birthday party due to TP outage! *eye roll*)

Ring Toss with a witch hat ( aka the orange cones my older child and her friend “found in a dumpster” …) – Way to go kiddo! Catching up!! Used my love for dumpster diving against me lol!

So, as you can see, I’ve got a lot to do this coming Saturday. I’ve got a lot to do.


To whom this may concern,

Hello! I hope you were awoken by a beautiful insert season here , ( in my case autumn) day this morning😊 and that wherever this letter finds you, may you be well! I think you know my name and all that, so we can skip the formalities!! For the sake of purpose.

My purpose in writing to you tonight, is to make a few things clear and get a few crooked things straight!

First and foremost, I am not new.

Maybe that is the most relevant problem with our ‘situation’, maybe it’s the least. I don’t know.

I’m skipping a beat to take a beat and ease into this, but there is no way to really do that besides worming around, the Ins and outs. It doesn’t even matter today. No, not this time. This time was, in every single and possible way – different. This time I didn’t even know what just happened . it was a flash. A bomb.

Your a bomb. A tornado . A hurricane without a warning .

You make me talk to fast, and I second, third & even fourth guess every single word out of my mouth when I’m near you.

Your soul will be forever in debt to me for using the fuck outta me. And you did make a promise and you lied. Lied manipulated… drained. As if my life isn’t enough.

As if I don’t have my own shit. I’ll remember. My soul.. will remember.