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Truth Mommy

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where whispers come to become told stories…

normalizing women’s health, addiction & recovery.

F.bomb Mom [aka F.MomB] & Truth Mom Boss get into the nitty gritty parts, that stuff that happens to everyone, yet no one talks about it.

A Fact MomB & Tmommy collaboration

When I Grow Up part 1

By: F-Mombie I’m trying to figure this all out. What am I going to be when I grow up?I’ve been so many things in these 33 years . I’ve been a baby who needed to be constantly held and taken care of, I didn’t do much besides sleep, eat, cry, repeat. That lasted a shortContinue reading “When I Grow Up part 1”


by: Tmommy Racing random ridiculous thoughts running ramped through my head. Racing random ridiculous thoughts run ramped in circles through my mind while I close my eyes. Words like years, time, baptism, heaven, solitude, leaving, mystery, horror, fear, lost, failing, work, school, dinner, money, taxes, sleep- De-Realization. I remember a time not long ago whenContinue reading “Racing”

Our horrible healthcare system

That song, “numb little bug”, is like the theme song. It’s what they want us all to be singing… Our healthcare system has failed me, more times than I can count. Our justice system has failed me, as well, more than once. However, today-the healthcare system needs to be talked about. I don’t even thinkContinue reading “Our horrible healthcare system”

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The Truth, Love Mommy..

The Truth, Love Mommy..

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